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"BIG RUFF" Distortion Pedal (PRE-ORDER)

$120.00 / Coming Soon

**HELLO, THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER. THE CURRENT TURNAROUND TIME AS OF FEBRUARY 2024 COULD BE ANYWHERE BETWEEN 2 TO 4 WEEKS, JUST A HEADS UP! COULD ALSO BE SHORTER THAN THAT BUT DEFINITELY NOT ANY LONGER! If the product status is "Coming Soon" and you cannot add it to your cart, that means I am not currently taking orders**

The "Big Ruff" circuit is the culmination of years of unintentional Big Muff research, tweaking, and cork-sniffing. The end result is more like a distortion pedal than a fuzz and it is equally useful for both guitar and bass. I use hand-selected and measured new-old-stock clipping diodes and transistors sourced from all corners of the world to give you the best boutique pedal on a budget without compromising quality. Hand-made in Salem MA since 2016.

Check out this link for more product photos of what the BIG RUFF is usually looking like as of 2021 and a rough demo video: http://www.zachweeks.com/pedals/bigruff/

"Standard" version has a random color enclosure with random knobs. These pedals are built out to be a sort of "chef's choice" unit and are made with whatever parts I have in stock which is why I can afford to let them go at an affordable price point. If you want custom options, such as a specific color enclosure or knobs, please select that below and I'll let you know via email what options are available.

All Big Ruff pedals feature a standard control panel regardless of enclosure color.